“I was suffering and no doctor could pin point what was wrong with me, but I knew something wasn’t right. I saw Teresa and she recommended a nutritional program. I had never fasted before, and I was so afraid of the process. Teresa made it so easy and support me all the way. I am so grateful she got me on this path of healing.

I felt amazing after separate rounds of fasting and I am feeling a third round coming. Thank you Teresa for your knowledge and support”

Monica Finazzo – Iridology and Detox Program Client

“I took my daughter to see Teresa to hep her deal with huge anxiety, issues focusing, believing in herself and general mindfulness. Teresa was recommended by a friend and at this stage I had nothing to lose as we had exhausted all options to get my daughter the help she needed. Teresa was amazing, supportive, kind, thoughtful and went above and beyond to make sure Charlotte had the support she needed to focus on herself and her sport of gymnastics. Charlotte has come along leaps and bounds since meeting Teresa and I’ve never seen her so happy, confident and full energy. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Teresa. It was definitely worth the investment for my daughter”

Lauren Jackson – Anxiety and Life Coaching with NLP and Hypnosis Client

“Teresa will explain her iridology assessment of your health clearly, answer all your relevant questions, and based on that will devise a plan of action. She will support you strongly when you’re following through, in which ever way you need: encouragement, praise, reassurance, information, or just ‘being there’, available to talk when you need it. She is very knowledgeable, good at research, she’ll find an answer for you. She is very personable, always ready to help and has a great sense of humour!”

Anna Dehne – Health Coaching Program Client

“When you are looking for direction from a person that lives what she talks you will go no further. Caring and focused, with a drive to assist you in making the break through you need. Thank you Teresa”

Craig Cowlings-Wells – Life Coaching with NLP Client

“I had a lovely experience, I felt comfortable to speak with Teresa about my health concerns, the session was very open and honest. I received really good advice which I still do now and easily fit into my day. I appreciate your time for me, Thank you”

Diana McPherson- Iridology Consultation Client

“I was suffering from chronic back pain, tooth-aches, acute pain in my abdomen among other random symptoms. when visiting my doctor I was told that my body was suffering from chronic and deep inflammation affecting all my systems and was advised to undertake radiation. I was in shock and didn’t understand what was happening with my body neither the doctor’s suggestion. I contacted Teresa and after an Iridology assessment I joined her Health Coaching Program. I felt supported all the way through, the recommendation were simple but powerful. I followed detoxing protocols that helped my body healed. After 12 weeks all the pains disappeared, I felt more energised than ever. The program helped me to incorporate lifestyles changes that I continue to follow”

Pavel Molitoris – Health Coaching Program Client

“Teresa made a fantastic presentation at the Life Design Showcase that really opened our eyes to our bodies innate ability t heal itself”

Jodie Nevid – Keynote Presentation