Relationship Coaching
Have you ever looked at someone who is in a great relationship and thought they were lucky? Think again: extraordinary, healthy, loving and last-lasting relationships are much more than the result of hard work and we are not talking only about romantic relationships.

No matter the relationship – with a partner, a friend, a sibling or a parent – it can only be as good as the high standards you set for it and the effort you’re prepared to put in. As a result, the rewards can be limitless.

The truth is that every relationship starts within ourselves. The quality of our own relationship has a big impact on our relation with others.

Relationship Coaching supports you in many different types of connection with others. Including that relationship you might be longing for but just can’t find. We coach you through times of worry in existing or desired relationships, a divorce, separation or bereavement. Coaching can also help with developing the skills and confidence to make friends, finding ‘the one’ and overcoming social anxiety.

Research shows that the quality of our relationships impacts our health and happiness far more than simply having a relationship. At Heal and Thrive Coaching®, we believe overall wellness and mindfulness are integral parts of the journey to improving the health of our relationships.

Relationship Coaching covers:

  • Self discovery, love and acceptance
  • Professional relationships
  • Family relationships
  • Romantic relationships
  • Social relationships

At Heal and Thrive Coaching we help you to define clearly the relationship you desire, understand your core values and their importance in our daily life, master communicating your needs and emotions, dissolve fear, anxiety and limiting beliefs and be open to receive the love you deserve.
Together we’ll improve the way you relate with those around you and as a result of the coaching process you‘ll also experience a more loving relationship with yourself.

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