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If you’ve found yourself on this page wondering ‘What is NLP’, then you’re in the right place!

Just imagine if you could clear the path to all of the goals you set for yourself by re-programming your behavioural patterns and neurological processes. Well, that’s what Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is all about – and yes, it really is within your grasp with an NLP coach on your team.

It’s all about recognising and breaking down the precise therapeutic patterns that directly connect where you are today with where you want to go by taking a deep dive into the inner resources you already possess.

Dr. Teresa Ibarra is a Master NLP practitioner based in Adelaide and serving internationally clients. As a life and health coach, Teresa uses NLP techniques to eliminate your negative emotions, limiting beliefs and your internal/external conflicts.

Let’s break down the term:

Neurology (N)
The way we make sense of the world starts with our neurology and our senses – and our behaviour is the end-product of that interpretive process via our brain and nervous system.
Linguistics (L)
This is all about language, including the way we also use non-verbal communication methods that many people are not consciously honed into. From our first cry as a baby to the last words you uttered, language is all about recognising and deciphering patterns, and has a deep spiritual basis.
Programming (P)
Even without paying attention to it, we are organising our thoughts and behaviour all of the time – and the net results are the landscape of your life today. A NLP practitioner understands deeply that it is now a random process, but rather a system or a sequence that can be analysed, dissected and changed.

NLP practitioner
NLP, developed in the 70s but modernised and popularised in the decades thereafter, starts with an understanding that your mind and your body are in fact intricately and powerfully interconnected. It’s then all about modelling, based on what really works to achieve the sort of changes in your life that you seek. For this reason, the effective life coach is truly a master at NLP already, and Dr Teresa Ibarra wants to help you to unlock the secrets of this fascinating world.

Psychology Today Magazine said “Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is arguably the most powerful Behavioural Science on the planet today”. Science Digest describes it as, “the most powerful vehicle for change in existence.”

The techniques, principles and attitudes provide a way for people to remove self-imposed limitations. It enables people to have choice over how they feel, their emotions, their behaviours and physical states. if you change your thinking, you can change your results in business and life!

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