Mindset and Self-Esteem Coaching
You may have heard the phrase: “Change your mind, change your life”.

As a certified master NLP coach Dr. Teresa Ibarra guides and challenges you to discover and embrace your most authentic self and create your best life. Firmly rooted in her deep curiosity and intuition, Teresa will champion you to courageously take action, to transform and grow beyond your perceived limitations, and to experience the energy and freedom that comes from living in alignment with your core values.

Change is inevitable. Progress is optional.

You are either going to move forward or backwards. Either way, you are moving. So why not take the opportunity to understand how to master your mind to move in the direction you want! A lot of people think that getting what you want in life means working hard, making money and grinding out each day on your way to something better. That is part of it. But to truly create the life you want, you need to stop and ask yourself, “Whose dreams am I working toward?” Before you can move forward, you need to look inward.

Neuroscience has discovered that in order to change our personal reality we need to change how we think, how we act, and how we feel. For this we need to begin to become aware of our unconscious habits and behaviours and modify them. This may sound impossible for many people but with the correct tools, techniques and the support from your coach it is achievable in a short period of time!

With gentle fierceness, compassion and accountability, Teresa holds space for your learning, exploration, and deep inquiry by incorporating specialised coaching techniques including mindfulness, goal setting, creative visualisation, and more.

Within the safety of the coaching relationship, you will move beyond self-limiting beliefs and habits into more awareness and conscious creation, setting the foundation necessary for transformation.

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