Detox Programs

Use your body’s self-healing potential to become the happiest and the healthiest you have ever been.

Our bodies have the ability to heal from any dis-ease. Improving our health, vitality and wellbeing in an effective and long term way often requires lifestyle changes that may seem impossible but they don’t have to be.

The ancient healers taught that there is only ONE cause of dis-ease. They called it ‘chaos’ at the level of the NTR (‘Neeter’) or atomic level.

Chaos at the atomic level, leads to chaos at the molecular level, which leads to chaos at the cellular level. And when enough cells are in chaos, it shows up in any number of ways as a sickness, dis-ease or imbalance that you can feel.

There are only two causes of chaos in the body:

1. Toxicity
2. Deficiency

Over time and distance, the further you stray from a diet rich in plant whole foods, don’t drink enough water and don’t move enough, and the more you eat food-less foods and life-less drinks, the more toxic and deficient you become and the more chaos that accumulates in your body.

Sometimes it is helpful to give our bodies a reset in the form of a detox program. However this needs to be designed accordingly with each individual to be effective maximising the healing, at Heal and Thrive Coaching each client is different therefore our detox programs are tailored accordingly.

Fasting has existed since the beginning of life on earth. In fact, an ill or injured animals first, natural instinct is to abstain from solid food until it is healthy again. Unfortunately, humans have been taught the opposite, not realising what the ancient physician, Hippocrates, observed centuries ago, that “…eating whilst sick only feeds dis-ease”.

Dr. Teresa Ibarra helps people self-heal with an holistic wholesome natural approach based on detoxification with cellular regeneration following fasts, wholesome, raw, plant based diet while helping with emotional and energy healing so you become the happiest and the healthiest you have ever been.

You can find more about how Teresa healed from auto-immune disease HERE

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