Anxiety Coaching
Wouldn’t it be incredible to experience a life that has less anxiety or is even free of it? A life that allows you to be in your body with calm, ease and joy.

We all experience anxiety in our life, for example, leading up to a job interview or a first date. In those cases, it is only natural to feel nervous. However, there are situations and periods of time in which anxiety can take over our lives and become increasingly overwhelming and unpleasant.

We will help you identify the different ways anxiety shows up in your life in order to live with more satisfaction. Together with your coach you will be able to find resources that are relieving and beneficial for you. We are here to support you through the turbulences of life and celebrate your accomplishments.

– Overcome debilitating social anxiety, performance anxiety, phobias, PTSD, and panic attacks.
– Stop debilitating self-talk and allow your inner quiet confidence to shine.
– Learn techniques to turn down the volume of your thoughts, allowing you to ‘park them’ and finally get a good night’s sleep!
– Become a master of your emotions by learning to manage stress while overcoming old patterns of procrastination and perfectionism.
– Quit smoking and reduce drinking. Create lasting behavioural change by break the cycle of negative habits and addictions.
– Learn to fall in love with yourself again by discovering a healthy relationship between you and nourishing food and healthy exercise patterns.

Dr. Teresa Ibarra utilises scientific proven tools such as NLP and Hypnosis. When talking about your problem just isn’t working. Discover the quiet revolution of hypnosis, a therapy model that puts you in control of anxiety and stress and enables you to embody new ways of thinking, feeling, and experiencing life.

You know that you must change, but when you are stuck on a theoretical surface level, change can feel impossible.

Your conscious mind uses logic and will power to create change. This is easily short-circuited by your unconscious emotions, habits, core beliefs, and values.

Using hypnosis, you can create long-term lasting systemic change on an unconscious level that enables you to bypass unhelpful resistance and tackle problems at their very core.

At Heal and Thrive Coaching we utilise a powerful, results-driven therapy model focused around you. We will focus on ‘how you do the problem’, rather than having to go into details about your life story. We work together to draw out your natural resources to address the challenges you face.

Modern hypnosis is the vehicle of change after the strategic breakthrough work is complete. This modern form of hypnosis is a safe and proven tool that allows you to enter a focused state of relaxation, allowing you to remain in control of your experience at all times.

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